Architecture and Civil Engineering

Architectural technology which is one of the major sectors of civil engineering, which includes advanced innovations in structural engineering, which is very much concerned about the structures or building. In the construction industry, developmental projects usually require the knowledge and understanding of civil engineering and architecture. These are important disciplines that deal with the process of creating structures, such as buildings, airports, churches, houses etc. Both Civil Engineering and Architecture are involved in planning and designing structures. However, architecture focuses more on the spatial functionality and aesthetics of the developmental work and is more concerned with the artistry, look, feel and functionality of the design, while Civil Engineering concentrates on the structural elements of the design, making certain that the structure can endure normal and extreme conditions. Some of the major applications of smart structures include sea defense systems against raising sea levels, underwater - onwater constructions, floating and green cities architecture

  • Architectural Technology of Structural Engineering          
  • Geotechnical and Environmental field
  • Structural Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
  • Structural Engineering and Concrete Technology
  • Transportation & Construction Engineering Concepts                   
  • Under Water-On Water Constructions                              
  • Floating and Green Cities Architecture                   
  • Vibration Control OF Structures-Piezoceramics                 
  • Smart Bricks and Fluids
  • Super Elasticity Materials     
  • High Tensile Steel                
  • Material Properties