Smart Structures

A smart structure is a versatile system and combination of sensing, controlling and actuation steps which is like an elemental analogue of human body. Each smart materials acts as unit cells for smart structures in which each cell performs both sensing and actuation functions. It has capability to check for more than one optimum condition and exhibit its function. Smart Structures resist natural calamities and satisfies all the technological demands.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to

  • Self-Healing of Structures
  • Dissipation of Energy in Structures
  • Earthquake Resistant Structures
  • Smart Resilient & Transition Cities
  • Smart Building Systems
  • Smart Home Networks
  • Bullet Proof Structure
  • Material Structure Prediction
  • Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures
  • Structural Engineering
  • Green Buildings
  • Smart Design and Construction of Special Structures
  • Deformation of Layered Structures