Smart Structures

A smart structure is a versatile system and combination of sensing, controlling and actuation steps which is like an elemental analogue of human body. Each smart materials acts as unit cells for smart structures in which each cell performs both sensing and actuation functions. It has capability to check for more than one optimum condition and exhibit its function. Smart Structures resist natural calamities and satisfies all the technological demands.

Based on the level of sophistication, the smart structures are further classified as

 (a) Sensory Structures: These structures possess sensors that enable the

determination or monitoring of system states/ characteristics.

(b) Adaptive Structures: These structures possess actuators that enable the

alteration of system states or characteristics in a controlled manner.

(c) Controlled Structures: These result from the intersection of the sensory and

the adaptive structures. These possess both sensors and actuators integrated in

feedback architecture for the purpose of controlling the system states or


(d) Active Structures: These structures possess both sensors and actuators that are

highly integrated into the structure and exhibit structural functionality in

addition to control functionality.

(e) Intelligent Structures: These structures are basically active structures

possessing highly integrated control logic and electronics that provides the

cognitive element of a distributed or hierarchic control architecture.

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